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i am new to this site


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Hello scotti.  I was diagnosed with Stage 3B NSCLC.  Are you asking for yourself or a loved one?

 How long ago was the diagnosed? Was  treatment started?

You live in the neighboring state, I am here in Minnesota.  Were there any symptoms?   How did they find it.

I had a lot of treatment but the good news is I am still here, able to talk to you.

Waiting to hear more of where you are on your journey.  






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I was diagnosed with stage 3A Squamous cell Non-small cell lung cancer in February 2004.  I had pre-surgical  conventional radiation and Taxol and Carboplatin chemotherapy to shrink my tumor to allow a pneumonectomy.  Following surgery, I had a year's worth of surgical complications, all caused by suture healing problems from radiation.  Then after recovery from surgeries, 3 tumors were discovered in my left (remaining) lung.  I had 6 infusions of Taxol and Carboplatin over the course of 18 weeks that knocked back the tumors. But one returned and I had 6 more Taxol and Carboplatin infusions along with the newly approved (2006) oral chemotherapy drug Tarceva.  Once again, the tumor was eliminated but I had an additional recurrence.  This was addressed by newly approved stereotactic radiation (CyberKnife) and after more than 3 years of continuous treatment, achieved a NED (no evidence of disease) state.  So nearly 13 years of life since diagnosis.

How does this relate to you?  If I can live, so can you.  You'll have many questions and this is a good place to ask them.  We are the lung cancer experts, not by education, but by experience.

Stay the course.


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