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cancer retreats


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I'm new to this site and to lung cancer. I've had two other cancers. One was advanced and agressive, so I've been on this journey for a while. Here are two resources that I've found helpfule (and fun!).  First, Harmony Hill, a retreat center at Union, Washington They have 3 day retreats throughout the year for people with cancer.  The setting is beautiful, accommodations are niceand the program is pretty structured, with support groups, education, yoga, etc. Participation is expected .You can take a partner or caregiver with  you. There's a lot of support for caregivers as well as survivors. And best of all it's FREE! You just have to get yourself there. I've been twice, along with my partner, and will probably go again since I now have primary cancer #3. The website is http://www.harmonyhill.org/

Second is Camp Mak-a-Dream. It's in Montana. They have a camp for children with cancer in the summer. In September there is a retreat for women with cancer They also have a retreat for young people (18-40) with cancer, both men and women.Their programs are for survivors only, no partners or caregivers.The women's retreat is great! Lots of things to do,- recreation, education and support. You don't have to any of it, but  can choose to snooze, read a novel or enjoy the spectacular view if you want. The setting is in a rural location but facilities are not primitive. The shared cabins are modern and comfortable and the whole site is wheelchair accessible. They have a health center with nurses on site, so they can deal with any medical issue that come up. (And they do come up, because participants are often quite ill or in active treatment.) This place is absolutely great!  Like being a kid at summer camp but better, because you don't HAVE to do anything if you don't want to. The webiste  is http://campdream.org/. It is also FREE. You have to get yourself to Missoula and the camp bus picks you up at the airport. They do have some travel scholarships available for first-timers.  Registration is January 1 for summer camps and June 1 for the fall women's retreat. It fills up fast, so it's important to register the first day.

Anybody who has questions about my experience at either of these programs, let me know.


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