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Mary Kline

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I'm not sure if this is where I am supposed to introduce myself but hi.

I was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Surgery is not an option because I have severe emphysema. I meet with a Radiation oncologist next week and I don't know what questions to ask. Help!


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Hi Mary.  I can understand if you have severe Emphysema that the Doctor doesn't think surgery is an option.

Did they do a biopsy?  Did they tell you what kind of lung cancer you have?  I have a friend that was diagnosed with

SCLC  ( small cell lung cancer) that had radiation and chemo and after 15 years I can still call her  up today and she'll

answer the phone.  I hope you bring someone with you to your appointment who can help with questions and take notes.

Please keep us posted and tell us what the doctor said.

Donna G

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Here are general questions to ask your oncologist about lung cancer.

These are more specific questions for your consultation with your radiation oncologist.

I also endorse Donna's suggestion that you bring someone with you to the consultation to help you ask and understand responses to questions.

Has your cancer been typed and staged?  By type I mean non-small lung cancer or small cell lung cancer and by stage I mean Stage I, II, III or IV.  The first 3 stages normally have the letter A or B associated with them.  Tell us this information and we'll be able to give you more insight.  Lung cancer treatments vary depending on both the type and stage.

Welcome here.  I hope you have a productive consultation with your radiologist next week.

Stay the course.


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