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I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in January 2016. Started Opdivo in June after 6 sessions of platinum chemo. Each ct scan has shown no new growth and no new cancer, which is good. My last ct scan showed no growth in the original spot on my lung but did show several new minuscule spots. My oncologist and myself decided to continue the current Opdivo therapy and revaluate with the next ct scan in 7 weeks. Has anyone had this experience with Opdivo and if so, was there improvement when the original treatment was continued or more growth and a switch to a new therapy?





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Apologies for the delayed response. We met with the oncologist this morning. The PET scan showed no signs of cancer other than the lymph node that's already been confirmed.He suspects cancer cells may have been lurking in this lymph node the entire time I've been treated, but it was too small for detection (my lymph node was at 9mm when I found it--he wasn't sure it would light up on the PET scan. He was glad it did, because it provided more confidence regarding no light-ups w/rest of body). It also means the chemo I received was either completely ineffective or only slowed it down. So of course, if they do more chemo, it will be another type. 

My MRI was rescheduled for this WED (Migraine; I was willing to participate, but they didn't want me to puke on their machine--whatever). My colonoscopy is on March 2nd. He doesn't expect anything related to the lung cancer to be found, but he wanted me to be seen. (41 is the new 51?). My Foundation One test results are due back on Feb 27th.

The oncologist is meeting with his chest tumor board to discuss the best course of action for this lymph node. It's the supraclavicular node (right side, same side as the primary cancer). Surgery and / or radiation,  will be discussed with the ENT surgeon, and the rest of the board. I will now be delving into that type of surgery between now and March 3rd (next appt w/oncologist), because I have no idea what the studies are, outcomes, yada yada, and to be honest, my brain is full at the moment.  

I really appreciate the feedback, the links, and everything. Thank you so very much. <3

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There is a lot of good news in your post. Localized cancer is much easier to deal with. So I'm celebrating, even given your early membership in the colonoscopy club. 

Ensure one of the radiation options considered is CyberKnife. I had it when surgery was not possible and radiation became ineffective. Most likely, doctors these days will have CyberKnife under consideration but I mention it in case it is overlooked. 

Unload your brain. I see blue skies ahead in the shade of tall cotton!

Stay the course. 


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