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Stress Reduction


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Just picked up the recent issue of TIME on Mindfulness.  Awhile back I watched a 60 minutes segment on it and thought it was a bit whacky.  As I have a tendency to expect the worst and can go to some very dark places, I bought a copy hoping it would help me find ways to stay out of those dark places. I have been struggling with handling the stress of my recent diagnosis, Stage 1A and the fact that lung cancer has changed my life forever.  I really liked what I have read so far.  I would highly recommend this magazine to anyone struggling with stress overload. I found the ideas simple and practical.  

By the way, as new member, I so very much appreciate each of you and your willingness to share.  It has helped me tremendously.  Thank you.

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I deal with stress,by prayer, journaling, art work, and exercise. But from what little I've read about mindfulness most of those things fit the profile
Judy M

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