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update on my father, need your help


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Hello Friends,

Today oncologist told my father that he doesnt want to give him more chemo (he had Gemzar on 1/12 went in hospital two days later with pneumonia - needed a few transfusions). So, he goes for a CT scan tomorrow to see if he can have radiation. Radiation onc said he couldnt tell a lot by the xray. Why wouldnt someone be able to have radiation - if there is some fluid there? Also, he will decide if he will do Iressa together with radiation or after radiation is done. He was put back in the hospital yesterday to help in his recovery with the pneumonia, he is still very tired.

This has been so terrible. My questions are about the radiation and also Iressa - any good success stories?

Thank you so much for anything positive, we could use some good news.

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Hi Linda

Sorry to hear your dad has hit a rough patch.

I'm not sure about the x-ray and radiation question - perhaps the possibility of radiation is somewhat dependent upon the exact location of the tumour (eg: proximity to other vital organs or blood vessels????). Anyway, I've read some really positive stuff about Iressa on the board, and I'm sure that the members who this is relevant to will chime in with their inspirational stories to help you keep your hopes up! Everyone responds differently to different treatments, and Iressa might be just the thing to help your dad turn the corner!

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.


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A CT gives a more defined view of the "landscape" for the radiation oncologist to plan where to zap. The actual machine's "viewfinder" is changed for every patient (part of the darn wait)...the technicians will make a "form" of the head/neck/shoulders and tattoo the patient to line him/her up the same every time. Each time, there will be writing on the chest of the patient that brings the tattoos and machine in line. My last five radiation treatments were done from a different angle.

I took Iressa for a while and had some major side effects - since it was a trial for suppressive therapy, I was removed from the study after two months (was supposed to be taken for a year).

Everybody reacts differently to treatment, hope you find the silver bullet for your dad.


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Guest Piermarie

My mother never had radiation for her lungs, was not even discussed as an option really. But her ca failed to respond to three different chemo drugs so we asked for the Iressa in Oct. '03. Since then, it's been a lifesaver as well for her!!! She couldn't even stay awake before with the Marinol they were giving her and she wouldn't eat. Now, she is enjoying herself in Florida for the past 5 weeks and won't be home till March!!!

But like others have said before me, if it works, it works great, but for some the results don't overcome the side effects. For my mom, she has had NO side effects yet (knock on wood).


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