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SCLC caretaker concerns


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I'm a caretaker for a 65 yr Limited SCLC patient that completed PCI two weeks ago.  Side effect of fatigue, loss of appetite, & wet cough have surfaced as predicted.  He is scheduled to have abdominal aortic aneurism procedure done in a few days. i understand the size of his aneurism is life threatening and was discovered on scans from his initial SCLC diagnosis, his medical team wanted his SCLC treated first, understandable.   I've never seen him so weak & fatigued and question if moving forward with this procedure so soon will only make him worse.  I'm reaching out hoping others who have had to have the same procedure after all treatments would be willing to share their experience and outcome.  Thank-you.

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Oh my you've got a complex caretaker role. Am I correct in understanding PCI as Percutaneous Coronary Intervention? Further, has he completed first line treatment for his limited stage SCLC and if so how were the post treatment scans?

If his first line lung cancer treatment included radiation and chemotherapy, then fatigue is expected and normal.  Mine lasted about 3 to 4 weeks after treatment but I was not burdened with heart problems.  I'm sure his heart difficulties are contributing to his general weakness but would think that would improve if the PCI was successful.

I have non-small cell, squamous cell, lung cancer and although a different type, first line therapy (conventional radiation and chemotherapy) is similar.  Different chemo drugs are sometimes used to combat small cell.

Appetite for me was a difficult problem.  My wife, a dietitian,  purchased some chocolate mint chip ice cream then when I told her the mint flavor was appetizing, she started making her own.  Her best concoction was crushed mint Oreo cookies in a mint flavored chocolate ice cream and to maintain weight, she gave me oversized portions.  I also developed a thrust for cranberry juice, and the tartness was perhaps the trigger.  So, you might try some form of mint ice cream and cranberry juice to see if they spur appetite.  

Questions?  Fire away.  You are very welcome here.

Stay the course.


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the mint icecream that Tom suggested worked for me. I end up having it for dinner some nights because I can’t eat. 


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