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Cancer marker 300


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Hi Melissa,

I'm not really up on tumor markers, I know that there are a number of different ones and their usefulness in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment varies. At least for some with numbers , it's significant whether the number is gong up or down. There's some stuff on the internet but I'm not sure how reliable it all is. i think this is a question for the oncologist who ordered the test, what is it tesing and what does it mean?  Here's a general fact sheet on tumor markers from the National Cancer Institute, which should be "trrue facts" https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/diagnosis-staging/diagnosis/tumor-markers-fact-sheet#q5. Also you can go on the Lungevity site at https://www.lungevity.org/ and search "tumor markers" and you'll find some articles. I hope these will be helpful, but I think asking the doc is your best bet.

Bridget O

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The one thing we dont need in this journey is a rude unapproachable dr because the more we can ask and get answers to the better we feel so maybe jump ship if possible to a better dr 

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