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MD Anderson Center


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I'm not familiar with that one, but I couldn't be happier with the treatment I got at the MD Anderson Center in Camden, NJ (affiliated with Cooper Hospital).  Their doctors are amazing, and the way they treat patients is pure gold.  I know the main Center (in Houston) is ranked #1 in the country.  According to the literature, the doctors at my Center have access to the resources and clinical trials conducted by the main Center.  

When I went for my first appointment with my surgeon I chatted a bit with other patients receiving treatment there.  Everyone was VERY happy with the quality of care, and it made me feel a lot more confident about the whole deal.  Thankfully, my early cancer was treated with surgery only, though I receive followup scans and meetings with an oncologist.  But if anything ever went south, I'd feel that I was in good hands.

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