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Whitish watery foamy sputum/spit


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For those of you who have lung cancer, if you are coughing up whitish foamy watery sputum or spit in large quantities; you have Bronchorrhea. My father has had about a liter of this stuff daily for the past 4 months. No one would help us resolve it. I am posting this because I finally got a doctor to prescribe Octreotide. It’s a drug that has been documented to treat this extremely rare symptom and I wanted to get the word out. This drug has been such a blessing. It’s expensive, his insurance did cover it after a bit of a fight. It is painful (subQ shots three times a day)BUT it works!! It cut his sputum down from 1 liter per day to 1/2cup so far. (He has only been on it three days!). This drug is going to give my dad a shot at being able to fight this fight. He hasn’t been able to lay back and sleep in4 months. I hope this information helps someone else with this terrible symptom!

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Hi Supahwolfe,

Welcome here and thanks for he information. I had not heard of brochorrhea beofe and now I have and I know there's a remedy for it! Getting this info out may help someone avoid going through what your dad went through. 

Do you (and your dad)  feel comfortable sharing with us something about his cancer and his treatment?

Best wishes to both of you.

Bridget O

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Hi there. My dad is 62, he has Non Small Cell-Andenocarcinoma. Diagnosed in March 2018. He had a VAT resection that confirmed the cancer. He has lost 70 lbs and started out having a cough in Dec 2017. If it weren’t for the Bronchorrhea, he would not have been diagnosed. He doesn’t like going to the doctor. He is set to have his second round of Carbo-Keytuda-alimta this week. 

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