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Hi Everyone, 


I was wondering if anyone here could help me. My mom was diagonosed with lung cancer in January 2018 than missed by the radiologist she also has liver cancer and bone cancer. After the chemo was not successful due to the fact she was only on it for the lung she was put on opdivo. Lately she has been having some weird side effects and doing weird things. For example she will forget a lot of things, put her clothes on backwards and think somehting happened when it didnt. She also has a thyroid condition which can affect the opdivo. Does anyone have an experience with this .. any information would be helpful. Thank you 

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Hi, leah,

I'm not sure about side effects of Opdivo, but has she been checked for brain mets?  What you're talking about sounds somewhat extreme.  

I'd make sure her doctors know about this development.

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Hi, Leah,

Were you able to talk to your mom’s medical team about these side effects and changes? Please keep us posted.

I will reach out to our members who have experience with Opdivo asking them to share their experiences in this thread.

With gratitude,


Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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