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cough up blood


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           My brother is in immunotherapy for months now.since the first treatment there is not much problem that come up until days ago he had cough with sticky phlegm in his throat.His phlegm has strick of blood.His onco prescribed him with antitussive drug.it’s not helping much.He can’t sleep straight for even 3-4hours at night.anyone with same experience?please give me an idea what to do.thank you.

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My mom had something similar when she had her trachial stent - non-stop coughing.  The majority of the coughing was because it ended up being infected.  Once the stent was removed and the infection was cleared up, the coughing stopped.  Perhaps your brother has an infection somewhere in his throat/lungs that needs attention.  My mom also takes mucinex daily to keep phlegm loose so she can cough it up.

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No tests showed my mom's infection either.  We weren't aware the area around the stent was infected until her doc went to remove it.  Stents cause coughing themselves, but her cough persisted after the stent was removed for a few days until the infection was under control.

I'm not saying that is definitely what is happening with your brother. It is just something we have learned along the way and not what docs were expecting some of the cough to be from.  But if your brother has trouble coughing stuff up because it is too thick to get up, Mucinex often does the trick.  He can talk to his doc to see if he can try that along with what the prescribed.

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