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Lung cancer with brain bleed


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My mom was admitted to the hospital after coughing up blood. They diagnosed her with lung cancer and a ct scan, MRI, and biopsy. We are waiting for the biopsy results, but they said the brain bleed could either mean that the cancer has metastasized or it could be (unrelated) burst blood vessels. From everything I’ve read, it seems more likely to be a metastasized brain tumor. I know the biopsy will reveal either way, but is their any hope of it possibly being just a brain bleed and lung cancer that hasn’t spread? 

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Hi, Jane,

Sorry about your mom.  Anything's possible.  Actually, I've not heard of people getting brain bleeds as a result of brain mets, but I suppose if a tumor invaded a blood vessel that could be the result.  People do get brain bleeds from aneurysms and other conditions, too.  Is she stable for right now?  Has the bleeding stopped?

Welcome, glad you found us.

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Thank you for your response. Yes they sent her home and I guess the bleeding has stopped. They told us there is nothing to do until we get the biopsy results. I was just hoping that there was a chance it had not metastasized, but from everything I’ve read, it seems more likely that it has traveled to brain and that’s what is causing the bleed. Wouldn’t they be able to see tumors on all of those other tests that were done? 

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