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i was diagnosed with lung cancer Oct 6 2017. I have never smoked I am 47 years old with two teenage girls. I am wanted to connect with someone I can relate to such as a non smoker with lung cancer. I have the Alk rearrangement. Thanks !

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Hi, Sara, and welcome--glad you found us.  This is a great place for information and support.  

I was a smoker, and lung cancer is unfair no matter who gets it.  Plenty of smokers never get cancer and plenty of people who have never smoked, do.   Smoking significantly increases the risk, for sure, but even I can't say for certain that smoking caused my cancer (likely, but can't say for sure).  

If you'd care to share bit more about your type of cancer (I'm assuming adenocarcinoma), stage, and the treatments you've had or are currently on, it will be easier for folks here to share relevant info.  I was Stage 1b when mine was diagnosed, so I only had to have surgery.

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