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Anyone have this???


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Not sure if I qualify here. I was diagnosed( from all scans etc ) with lung cancer in Oct/18. Surgery end of Nov. showed I had a lung infarction and part of my lung was dead. No tumor. It was a pneumonia type infection. Removed with a wedge resection. Since surgery, I have had a tight, painful “band” all the way around my ribs in-line with the incision on my left side. Sometimes it is less but mostly bad. Clothing bothers me. My skin is sensitive. It gives me an internal burning sensation. So hard to explain. I feel like I have a very tight bra on all the time but have literally lived in a night shirt for 77 days. I also have a pain below my left rib like my rib is out of place. My surgeon says that none of this is a result of surgery. I sure didn’t have it before surgery!!

any ideas??

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Hi there, 

Well, lung cancer or not, you had the same kind of surgery.  I can't imagine it's NOT the result of surgery.  From the description, it sounds like maybe a nerve was damaged.  That sometimes happens.  There also could be adhesions of some kind--internal scar tissue.  You might want to consult with another surgeon or a neurologist.  If it's nerve damage, it may or may not get better with time and there may not be a whole lot they can do--it might be something you will have to learn to live with.  My surgery was almost two years ago, and I have odd skin sensations around the area of my incision--a bit of numbness, and just sort of odd.  It doesn't hurt, though, so no big deal for me.  


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