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Hey Katie - how bout a new baby pic?


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Always know how to make me smile huh>? :lol:

It's been a rough two weeks--as "perfect" as this biased mom thinks her baby is, Kennedy has been up and awake and crying ALOT.

I felt like I was losing my mind with my hectic life and NO sleep (give me a few hours and I'm ok..but NO) and wondered how she could be this way? My son was so passive and "good"...what happened all the sudden? She's only 5 weeks old, Is THIS how it is going to be ????????????????????????????.....CALGON take me AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we quit taking it personnally... :roll: we went to the doctor today to discover the baby has thrush and a viral infection. Didn't we feel like idiots. No symptoms other than the irratibility and sleeplessness...so it was hard for us to know- but all is well again with some meds and Rick & I might finally get some sleep and stop snipping at each other in our states of utter exhaustion.

One good thing was that being up all night for days gave me time to organize for that booth and make tote bags and such..LOL...picture me on the floor surrounded by bags and prints and paint and Kennedy strapped to my front in a baby carrier--what a sight!

So if I've posted or said some crazy things this week- you all will know why....sleep depraived.

I'll post some pics in this post tomorrow- she really is a cutie and she really is good (when she isn't SICK ! :wink: )

THANK YOU FOR ASKING---sometimes, with all the traffic in our lives we forget to stop and think of the good things that are right in front of us....and she is one of my very very good things to be thankful for.

Pics coming soon!

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Katie, I was having real issues trying to figure out why you seemed to have so many more hours in the day than I do! :shock: I mean, you've got a new baby, a job, a husband, this website that you're so faithful to, and all the other work I know you're doing for LCSC... and I was starting to feel like you must just NEVER SLEEP. :lol: Now I know 'tis true. I'm sorry it's been rough, sorry little Kennedy has been sick -- but glad things are looking up. Hang in there! (The "Calgon take me away" idea is not bad, either.)


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Dear Katie,

Boy, do I ever feel stupid? I know I have been in the twilight zone here lately but, somehow missed the delivery of Miss Kennedy. Belated congratulations and I now know that answer to the question I asked you re: sleep. You don't.

I too, appreciate everything you and Rick have done for this board. This family has been my salvation these past five weeks.

God bless us all,


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