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Hey Katie - how bout a new baby pic?


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Katie, I was having real issues trying to figure out why you seemed to have so many more hours in the day than I do! :shock: I mean, you've got a new baby, a job, a husband, this website that you're so faithful to, and all the other work I know you're doing for LCSC... and I was starting to feel like you must just NEVER SLEEP. :lol: Now I know 'tis true. I'm sorry it's been rough, sorry little Kennedy has been sick -- but glad things are looking up. Hang in there! (The "Calgon take me away" idea is not bad, either.)


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Dear Katie,

Boy, do I ever feel stupid? I know I have been in the twilight zone here lately but, somehow missed the delivery of Miss Kennedy. Belated congratulations and I now know that answer to the question I asked you re: sleep. You don't.

I too, appreciate everything you and Rick have done for this board. This family has been my salvation these past five weeks.

God bless us all,


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