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Husband Diagnosed


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My husband was Diagnosed in Feb 2019 with a softball size tumor and lung cancer. They finally started Chemo on Thurs. This is my first rodeo in the cancer world and I am terrified.  Words of advice? Questions to ask Dr? Thank you

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Welcome here.

You've obviously been through the diagnosis nightmare already. Does your husband have a type of lung cancer identified (non small cell, small cell, adenocarcinoma, squamous cell, etc.)? Knowing the type can clue those of us who had his same therapy to tell you of our experience and reveal side effect mitigation strategy.

I note you are just starting chemo. Here are some lessons learned from my chemo experience. 

I was also terrified about both my diagnosis and treatments.  All cancer is frightening; lung cancer is a white-knuckle ride for both treatment and outcomes.  I was at a point in treatment where all I had left was hope and surprisingly I found hope sustained me.  Perhaps this will explain.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of questions for his doctor that may be helpful.  At this juncture, there will likely be no indication of prognosis until his mid-treatment scan. I do hope his chemo arrests the disease.

Stay the course.


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Lynette,  don’t ever let go of your hope.

Everything that Tom said is right on. The initial shock of hearing those words from your Doc is always one of the toughest things you will ever face.

Remember all of the folks here are with you if and when you need us.

As Tom said, “ Stay the course. “





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