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Confused by CT scans


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Just some background. Sorry it’s long!

 I went to ER last month while on vacation bc my back was hurting on my right side every time I even took small breaths. They diagnosed me with pneumonia and sent me home. After I got home I read my discharge papers and looked online portal to read radiology report.


Lungs: 1.6cm mass vs masslike consolidation posterior medial aspect right upper lobe; 6mm subpleural nodule Middle lobe. 

Adenopathy: 10mm right paratracheal node; 11mm right hilar node; 10mm right hilar node; 8mm upper right paratracheal node. 

Impression: Primary lung cancer is a diagnostic possibility as is pneumonia. Right hilar and mediastinal adenopathy. Follow up recommended. 

The ER doctor said nothing to me about this other than pneumonia. 

I went to see my PCP the following week and she ordered another CT for 3 weeks and a referral to pulmonologist. The pulmonologist made me an appt for 6 weeks. I did my CT scan yesterday and my PCP brought me back in today. 


Lungs: irregular 2.1cm pulmonary nodule in the medial right upper lobe which is highly concerning for primary Bronchogenic carcinoma; 6mm pulmonary nodule in right middle lobe. 

Mediastinum/HILA: mediastinal and right hilar lymphadenopathy concerning for metastatic disease. 

Impression: same as findings. Recommend PET scan. 

So I go in and she kind of explains it might not be good but seemed evasive and really I left not really understanding anything. But the pulmonologist office called and now instead of my appt being in a few weeks on the 20th they are bringing me in this coming Monday. 

She said they will skip a PET and schedule a biopsy. Why do that since the radiologist recommended PET? 

Im just feeling like the ER dr and my own PCP are being evasive and here I’m sitting here not really understanding any of this. 

Can anybody here help me understand these and why skip a PET? Thanks!! 

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9 minutes ago, Robert Macaulay said:



A biopsy is the only diagnostic procedure that can definitely determine if the suspicious area is cancerous. 

I just didn’t understand why there are skipping the PET. 

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2 hours ago, Robert Macaulay said:


They will do that next once they confirm from the sample taken, And the petscan will tell if it is in one area and not spread.

Thank you!! I thought they did the PET first 

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