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Still deciding treatment option for Dad


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Hi! My name is Donna and this is my second post. I thought I would introduce myself as I will probably be posting again. 

My dad who is 85,  was diagnosed with NCSLC Stage 3A two lymph nodes involved about a month ago. The first oncologist we met with recommended chemo/radiation concurrent for 6 weeks. 

We were moving forward with that but had a hold up because he hadn't been approved for the radiation. My dad decided he wanted to get a second opinion so we ended talking with another oncologist who recommended immunotherapy, if he had a good bio-marker, and if not then radiation but no chemo. Our concern has been about preserving his quality of life. We decided to move in that in the direction of the second opinion,  however,  the test was not ordered by the first oncologist so now we are looking at a 2 week wait for results. 

My concern is the fear that the waiting will increase chances of the cancer spreading.It's been about 8 weeks since he was diagnosed. I believe that the first recommendation who have been too hard on him and he probably would not have been able to finish it. My dad does not want to do it either since there is another option. But he is getting anxious with waiting. 



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I understand your worry.  Your dad's cancer could spread or it might not.  Typically, NCSLC is "slow" growing, but no one knows how "slow" it will be.  I can tell you that my mom was diagnosed in November and did not have her lobectomy until the end of January because she had to let her Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs get out of her system.  After that, she had to wait an additional 6 or so weeks to begin chemo + radiation.  During these four months, the cancer did not spread.  She was stage 3A as well.  

My question is: Is there any harm in beginning the radiation and then change to immunotherapy if he is a good fit? In many cases, people receive radiation and immunotherapy together and even immunotherapy and chemo together.  If you are really concerned about the wait time, you may want to ask his docs this question.

Hope this helps,


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Actually I did inquire with oncologist's nurse and asked if starting radiation was possible. I am still awaiting an answer from her about that.

Thank you for letting me know about your mom!  I'm sure a few more weeks will not make much of difference. That does help me to know your mom waited awhile before she started treatment and nothing spread. I know that may not be the case for my dad but I also know it is a slower growing cancer. 

Thank you again! I will keep you posted.

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