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A new club.


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I hereby declare the formation of a new club. The name of said club to be the "DavidA/DeanCarl Do Something Really Dumb While Trying To Be Macho and Put Ourselves In A Lot More Pain Then We Really Need Too" club. :D

David A is the charter member and qualifies by trying to be Greg Luganous (sp?) in the middle of his hallway.

I, on the other hand, qualify by trying to be Arnold Schwarzenegger (and a YOUNG Arnold Schwarzenegger at that!) whilst trying to load my scooter on a bus for the first time. As in "Sure I can get off and pick it up a bit and move it sideways into the tie down spot on the bus". As in can you say "pulled pectoral muscle" boys and girls? I knew you could. :oops:

E-yup, after 5 years of loading and unloading various scooters and wheelchairs while I was DRIVING a bus, now I'm on the other end. And isn't God wonderful? He kept track of ALL THOSE TIMES I muttered under my breath about loading a chair when I was running 10 minutes late and was trying to make up time. :shock:

Oh well ... a new skill to learn. I DID get on the bus and DID get to Walmart and DID get home, so I guess today was a success ... I think. :)


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I'm admitting to nothing. You guys are on your own. I doubt if I ever could pull something off better than putting thy head through sheet rock, and strain thou pectoral muscle trying to be something you no longer are able to do. Nope not me. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

PS: Ry did you get the money I sent you?

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Wow thank you whoever posted this again. I remember how hard Dean faught to get that scooter. He didn't get to use it for long but he won that battle and despite his death he won the battle with lung cancer as well. It never defeated him. He did things his way til the end. All of us who were previledged to know him will never forget his courage and his humor.

So all of you who meet at the pub raise a glass to Dean Carl, may we all have such spirit that it still shines so many years later.

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