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Just curious...I am in maintenance mode with my lung cancer treatments; Ketruda is the primary drug.  I seem to have headaches for days after treatment.  Anyone else?  Thanks, Ken

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Hi Woco,

i am not on Keytruda, but have been on a monoclonal antibody immunotherapy called Durvalumab. Headaches have been frequent and fairly persistent during the course of my treatment which is going on 12 months. What's interesting is at 66 years of age, prior to my diagnosis and treatment, I can't recall ever experiencing a headache. 

Headaches are not consistently in the same area, and I have no neurological deficits or concerns so I have just accepted the fact that my immunotherapy is the culprit. 

I will complete my year of Durvalumab at the end of January and will have a PET Scan a month later. I will be requesting a brain MRI to be done at the same time. Better to be safe than sorry.

There is a Keytruda forum and I'm sure you'll be able to commiserate with fellow Keytrudas there. 

Take Care, DFK

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My mom was on Keytruda for about 1.5 years.  She did not have headaches as a side effect.  I have not heard much about headaches with Keytruda either in these forums or on the Facebook forums. Be sure to bring this up with your oncologist...perhaps the immunotherapy is affecting something else in your body that needs to be addresssed.

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