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I'll post here first because headaches seem more common with radiation.

So. I get cluster headaches which are pretty distinct in how they on set, progress and end. I, by furiously bad luck, happen to be going into a mid cycle phase two weeks before treatment.

So...my question. Can you describe to me how the headaches progress. Where do they start? Do they intensify or are they steady? Dull or sharp pain? Do your muscles strain? How long do they last. Does Ibro help...even a little? Do narcotics help...even a little?

I need to know this becsuse I do have a magic shot. Imetrix. I am giving my wife the code that I want a shot for a migraine while in a hospital. She really understands....doc and nurses won't, trust me. But I only want them for Clusters. Dont want to waste them on something else.



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