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Dad's lost WAY to much weight ~ Help


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My Dad's cancer has come back.

In Dec. he started having pain in his shoulder so off to the Dr. he went. They found a new tumor in his spine. In the hospital to take care of the tumor in the spine... the found 2 new brain mets, new lung tumor, tumor on the adrenal gland & the tumor in the spine.

He has started radiation on the spine. Went in the hospital again for something I can't spell .. but I think it's like the gama knife.

He has now lost so much weight he has become dizzy.... The Dr. says this is because of the weight loss. Dad was givin the same of something to help him gain weight


However in our search to find it... someone at a health food store told us it wasn't good for cancer. Something about it is emtpy calories and fed them.

My dad wont eat anything sweat. If he doesn't gain weight he wont be able to do Chemo.

Also we are looking to try alternative therapy anyone have any suggestions?

He is taking IP-6

Thank you very much, Michelle

Dad stage 4 April 03

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Sorry to hear things are not going well for your Dad.

It's good that you are interested in alternative/complimentary therapies, and you have come to the right place. Personally, I found it very useful to read through all the previous posts in this section. There is SO much information here.

I am not familiar with Scandical, but if I were you I would do some more research into it, and not just listen to the guy at the health shop. You will find there is alot of contradictory advice about what cancer patients should and shouldn't be doing, so you just have to gather together as much research as you can, and try to make an informed decision (not as easy as it sounds, I know!!). There is evidence that cancer cells 'feed' on sugar, which is probably what he is referring to. There may be healthier ways for your father to gain weight, however, perhaps the oncologist feels it is imperative that your Dad regain some strength quickly, and this may be an easy way to do that. I would suggest you speak to a nutritionist who specialises in cancer.

Come to this section when you want to seek others opinions about particular ideas - there's not too much out there that hasn't already been discussed on this board!!

Wishing you all the best.


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Oh I know not to take someone at the health food store's advice as gold... I would have to look into any thing that was sugested (ie. read, or internet search). Sacndical is a powder with no taste or smell. It has 35 calories per Tablespoon. I believe the cancer Dr. told my parents about it.

Thanks, Michelle

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I am so sorry your dad is struggling right now -- but, as someone else has said, there is much information available here to learn from.

I believe that Patrick Quillan's book "Beating Cancer With Nutrition" (which promotes avoiding sugar) has a recipe in there for a "DragonSlayer Shake". It is designed to help keep weight up as well as provide significant nutrients to the body.

The recipe for this shake is listed in the link below:

http://www.nutritioncancer.com/bcnchapt ... ter_12.htm

Take care,


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My father has recently lost weight and while he was in the hospital they started him on Resource. Its similiar to Boost but since his sugar runs high this is for diabetics.

Also, look into alternative treatments, try to find a doc who knows what he or she is doing. I found one here in NY and am trying to get my father there but he has been too weak. I am praying we can get there now that he is home.

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