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Non-small cell lung cancer Primary Caregiver research opportunity

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Description of desired participants for study:

Primary informal caregivers of individuals diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Clinical Outcomes Solutions (COS), a health research consultancy, is conducting a study on the impact that caring for someone with NSCLC has on the caregiver's life/daily living on behalf of our sponsor Takeda, a pharmaceutical company that is researching NSCLC. The purpose of this research is to better understand, from caregivers of patients with NSCLC, what their current experience as a caregiver is and how the disease impacts their lives.

Informal Caregivers aged 18 and older will be invited to answer a few questions via the phone to determine eligibility, and if eligible take part in a two-part online activity. Total time commitment is approximately 90 minutes and access to a computer/internet is required. Qualified participants will be compensated for their time.

This research is confidential. Any contact information you provide will only be used for the purposes of compensation and providing instructions for the study activity, if you take part. You will be asked to provide verbal consent via the phone, which will also be confirmed when you complete the online activity.

To see if you are eligible to participate, or to find out more about this study, please call Trina, COS Study Coordinator, at (520) 336-2250 or trina.soileau@clinoutsolutions.com.

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