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i am tomorrow taking my second infusion of Keytruda. Had first then our week delay due to possible infection. I guess due to COVD19 I am having double up so will go every six weeks. Anyone else had six weekly infusions ?

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I've not heard of going 6 weeks between Keytruda infusions here in the U.S.  The average time that Keytruda is activating the immune system is about 24 days (which is why the infusion is every 21 days).  Most people's immune system is still in overdrive after the 24 days, but everyone's immune system is different and "overreaction" times differ between everyone.  I have 2 concerns with going 6 weeks in between transfusions - 1) The drug will become inactive prior to the next transfusion, 2) The side effects may be more severe because of the double dose of the drug.  It's been over 1 year since my mom has been on Keytruda and things are changing rapidly in the immunotherapy realm of lung cancer treatment, but I am active on a few different immunotherapy forums and have not heard pushing the infusion to 6 weeks.  4 yes, but not 6.  I would be pressing your doc for a good reason why and if it were me, I would not accept COVID-19 as a reason.  Your life is just as important as a COVID patient.

Hope this helps,


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