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Etoposide: Darkened Skin - Rare


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Me and my wife met with her onc this morning since 2 months ago. He noticed the stark difference in color between her scalp (very white) and her face (very dark). I said that her entire skin had noticeably darkened since chemo began. He looked very doubtful and said something like "I dont know about that". I've been telling his NP about the darkening skin and she seemed to indicate not chemo related. Previously I had asked my wife's radiation Dr. And she said no ... only the specific area of the radiation would change color. The radiation area does have a different color and is reddish compared to the rest of her body.

What the hell? Perhaps this is the first time her onc has seen this reaction but I was stunned that he didnt say ... yep that's the Etoposide. I'm surprised he didnt tell her to stop getting in a tanning bed or laying outside getting sun because of chemo. She has done neither!

I didnt research Etoposide in detail umtil today so never knew about skin darkening as a side effect. Apparently, it is very rare and not something to be overly worried about. The fact that her onc appeared to have no knowledge of this is so stunning to me ... I just dont know what else to say.


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I don't know what to say either. My chemo nurse went through every side effect rare, common, i.e. the whole boat load before my first infusion.  My oncologist in the consultation immediately be prior to my first infusion when line by line down the prescription medicine I was taking to screen for adverse interactions. He also covered the Taxol and Carboplatin side effects and gave me prescriptions to have mitigating medicine on hand to deal with onset. He also gave me a work sheet that had the side effect and mitigating medicine along with his notes on when to start and stop meds.

Your medical teams behavior is stunning to me also!

Stay the course.


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