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Advice needed- Chemo or thoracentesis


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My mother 1 chemo is planned to start in 2 days with Pemetrexed and carboplatin for stage IV NSCLC. Yesterday got the X-ray, showing accumulation of malignant flural fluid in lungs. Should we remove fluid before chemo or after? suggestion is required..

Thank you.

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What have your mom's docs suggested?

My mom had several pleural effusions during her cancer treatments, although they were never malignant.  She continued with treatment while she eventually went to weekly outpatient visits with her pulmonologist to remove the fluid because it continued to build up.  Eventually the issue was resolved.  My mom was always the deciding factor when and if the fluid was to be removed - it tremendously effected her breathing.  Again, the fluid build up wasn't malignant.

Your mom's docs will probably be the best to decide how to deal with the fluid.

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