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Fluid In Lung - Should I have it drained?


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I was diagnosed last August with stage IV NSCLC. (female, never-smoker, age 36). I have had my lung drained twice already, back in September, and then had the "talc" procedure. (pleuraldesis???- I can't spell it).

About 2 months ago, my left lower area of my lung starting hurting every time I take a deep breath or sneeze. I told the ONC nurse about it while getting chemo. She listened and told me there was some fluid in there. When I saw the Oncologist, he basically asked me if I could "live with it". Well, now I've been "living with it" for 2 months, and am wondering if that's a bad idea. It's just a constant reminder to me that the tumor is still there, albeit it has shrunk quite a bit. (Praise GOD!!!) It's shrunk by 66% so far, and more recently. I'm wondering if I should give my pulmonologist a call... I remember reading that if there's fluid in your lung, then the cancer cells can spread a lot more quickly.

Does anyone know anything about this? I'm confused and need an answer! Thanks, you all are the BEST. I'm so glad I found this message board.


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Dear Joyce,

If it were me, I would follow all AVENUES! I would call my Pulm doc and see what can be done. I would also do this ASAP. There is NO REASON you should have to be in pain or discomfort if something can be done.

Good luck my dear, and stay strong! I know it's easy for me to say, but it's a must in this battle, as you know!



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