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Lurbinectedin - Outside Clinical Trial?


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Is anyone aware of Lurbinectedin being used for SCLC outside clinical trials. If I read correctly, it was approved for 2nd line treatment after platinum based treatment. It is so new that Oncs may not really be aware of it. A top notch Onc at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville was extremely excited to use it once approved. She has helped us with 2nd opinions twice.

Perhaps someone can confirm if I am reading correctly about Oncs now being able to use it outside clinical trials. I haven't yet checked to see if there is an update to the NCCN guidelines.


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A thoracic oncologist on our scientific advisory panel said this of the drug Lurbinectedin: "Newest kid on the block for SCLC — looks to be less toxic than our prior standard of care. Reasonable choice!"

I would deduce from the doc's characterization that its use is allowed outside of clinical trials. I do hope it works. We need to do some major butt kicking in SCLC and I hope this stuff is just the trick.

Stay the course.


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Thx Tom ... I have reread some of the recent literature on when Lurbinectedin is called for. It is called for in metastatic conditions which suggests stage IV. If my wife's stage IIIB  SCLC cancer were to grow bigger than 7cm (currently 1.5cm), that fits the definition of stage IV. I guess if her cancer doesn't metastasize to other parts of her body she would not get Lurbinectiden. I'm just thinking (writing) out loud for now.

I guess it doesn't hurt to get stuff in our forum as it may generate specific conversation on the subject.


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