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Hi Majandra ... NSE is just another tool to aid in diagnosing small cell. It is not a definitive test but just 1 of many.

There is some thought that very high levels of NSE confirms SCLC and also may indicate survival odds depending on levels. This is extremely controversial and should not be used by the patient as confirmation and prediction.

I never did get "a straight answer" from my wife's onc about whether NSE was used as an evaluation. It was just one more piece of Google info that will drive you nuts. I was constantly googling for survival info and ultimately realized that so much had changed and is still changing for SCLC such that survival info us outdated.

Sorry ... Got a little long winded and someone else may have better info but my take is that it is another "tool" for diagnosis.


P.S. ... I believe looking at SCLC under a microscope after biopsy is kinda' like the final means if diagnoses. My wife's pulmonologist said someone (maybe him) said "yep ... That's small cell" after looking at it.

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Welcome here.

Steve's gave you good information on NSC and its usefulness and limitations. Histology (a pathologist's microscopic examination of tissue ) is the principal means for diagnosing all forms of lung cancer. 

Stay the course.


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