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Going Wednesday for biopsy on my lymph nodes in my neck which are enlarged it seems when I had

surgery in December 2018 for Salvery duct carcinoma 

then February 2019 Chemo & Radiation now it is Metastasis I my right lung I had a 

Pet & CT scan over 6 or 7 weeks ago saw my Oncologist last week & he wants to 

Do Chemo once a week for 6 weeks then CT scan to see if theChemo is working

has any heard of STAGE 4C worried more now S urgery is not a option

sorry I might have posted this already 

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Lanny, as I think I mentioned to you earlier, if the cancer in your lung is a metastasis from your salivary duct carcinoma, what you have isn't lung cancer, but metastatic salivary duct carcinoma. I'm not sure the info we have about lung cancer would necessarily be applicable in your situation. 

Have you confirmed with your doctor what kind of cancer you have in your lung? I asked about the biopsy, but I see that's what's scheduled--sorry, my mistake. Hopefully the biopsy will tell the doctor what kind of cancer it is.

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