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Infusions - Alimta/Keytruda - tingling

Deb W

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone has had this experience.  Three weeks ago at week 7 of treatment I looked down at my arm  and the bandage was soaked with blood.  It was such an easy blood draw.  I didn't even feel a pinch so I hadn't been looking at the bandage.  I asked the oncologist what he thought happened and he said it could be due to coagulation, but he didn't really think so...but he can check if I would like...WHAT?  I didn't have the test run, but now I'm worried about that happening again tomorrow.  I'm going to have them use the other arm.  I don't have a port and was not offered one.  

Since my last treatment I have been having a tingling sensation on my left side from my shoulder to my waist.  It is not pain - just tingling on an off throughout the day.  I read that  this can happen when there is cell regrowth, but I don't know if it's something else.  I will ask the onc tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone else had this symptom?

So thankful for this group...Deb

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Nasty stick! I've had a bleed after a stick, just like you described. My nurse said sometimes the vein stays open!

Some chemo drugs after a period of time cause various forms of neuropathy. My first six Taxol and Carboplatin infusions didn't cause any neuropathic symptoms but my next six caused a neuropathy in my feet and toes and arms and fingers.  My med onc called this symptom Taxol toes and said it would go away over time. Now 16 years later, it is still with me.

I'd report the tingling to your doc because it could be a side effect from your chemo and more important, it could be a leading indicator for a more serious neuropathic problem.

Stay the course.


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