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Advocacy Opportunity for NSCLC Patients & Caregivers


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INFORM: The objective of SANOFI is to gather real patient/caregiver experiences to better understand the community. The advisory board also aims to elicit feedback on potential unbranded educational materials for patients living with NSCLC. Additional detail can be found below.


Following is a list of desired criteria:

• 18 years or older

• Living with advanced or metastatic Stage 3b or 4 NSCLC

• Has been on treatment for three months or longer

• Willing to participate in a virtual meeting

• Comfortable sharing their experiences in a group setting

• Not currently actively involved in a Regeneron or Sanofi Genzyme sponsored trial

• Patients with a known mutation of ALK+ or EGRF+ would NOT be eligible for the program

There will be two sessions – one with patients and one with caregivers – that will be scheduled separately. Individual participants will be provided $150 compensation for their time. Each meeting will be no longer than 3 hours (caregiver meeting is expected to be shorter). The dates have not yet been set, but the team is hoping to conduct them prior to Thanksgiving. Timing will depend on how quickly participants can be confirmed.

Interested patients/caregivers may nominate themselves in one of two ways:

• Calling toll-free: 1-855-585-6605

• Emailing: Lisa@mypatientstory.com

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