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Newly diagnosed SCLC


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Hello this is MR. My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic SCLC two weeks ago.  I am trying really hard to support him.  I know he is shocked and devastated.  I have never felt so helpless.  All I want to do is cry.  He is receiving palliative chemo immunotherapy.  Any suggestions 

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Small cell is tough. Could you give a bit more detail? Where is the cancer. Where has it spread. How old is your brother?

You have come to the right forum. Though most on here have non small cell there are several who are very knowledgeable about small cell and hopefully they chime in.

The doctors can diagnose and treat, but they do not have much comprehension about what it's like to be on the other side. This group does.



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Hi MR! I'm so sorry your brother is fighting this beast. The early days are the hardest in many ways because there is soooo much new info coming at you. New terminology, the days and days of uncertainty and scans and questions. 

Has the oncologist given a treatment plan yet? It can be so overwhelming early on, but sometimes knowing what the schedule and meds will be can help settle your mind some.

This site is a great resource while you are navigating all of this, and there's also a small cell FB group that is very active and quick with answering questions. 

My biggest advice is to ask as many questions as you have. Never worry that something you're asking the oncologist is a 'silly question' or 'something small.' Everything matters and your brother's doc will be understanding of that.

And I also advise taking care of yourself while you are taking care of your brother. I'm a caregiver for my dad, who was diagnosed with extensive SCLC in August. I meet with my therapist virtually every few weeks to help work on my coping strategies and manage my grief. It's a big help to my peace and helps me be a better caregiver. 

Hang in there and please check in and let us all know how it's going.

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