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Worry Daughter needs Pre-Surgery Advise


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Hi, I am glad to find this website where I can share some many useful experiences. My dad is diagnosis to have lung cancer (non-small cells), he got a tumor about 4cm at right upper lobe of lung. Although the CT Scan impression is the cancer has not spread to other parts but the doctors said no test is 100% so they can only tell which stage he is in after the surgery. I just learned from the hospital that my dad will have the surgery on 5Mar and he will go to the hospital on 3Mar for the pre-checking. Of course, we want my dad to get rid of the tumor as soon as possible, does it matter if the surgery is done one week earlier or one week later, a week delay will have higher risk?

The doctors said the surgery will consist of 2 parts. First, they will open a small hole in his throat to check if cancer is found in the lymph nodes. If no, they will go have to remove the right upper lobe. If no, the surgery will not carry on, other treatments e.g Chemo will be considered. They have mentioned a few scenarios so I am very worry and upset. My dad is only 65 years old, he is very health and has a normal life, no one can tell he has such a critical illness from his outlook.

My family and I am praying for the good!!! :cry::(

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Welcome to our family here at the LCS board. Glad that you found this board, because the support and knowledge you will gain here is phenominal! There is no place like it!

Many of us on the board have had experience with surgery. I underwent the same procedure as you described your Dad will undergo. It is called a mediastinoscopy. In my case, cancer was found in my mediastinal lymph nodes So, the surgeon closed me back up and I was told that I would need to undergo chemo and radiation first to shrink the nodes. After treatment, I did have the surgery. So I hope that all goes well for your Dad and he gets the surgery, but don't get discouraged if he has to undergo treatment first. I will say a prayer for him.


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