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I'd fallen a couple months behind in my dental cleanings. My last visit to the dentist was a couple of weeks before my Stage IV diagnosis in July, so I had to send the dentist a detailed email describing what's been going on. This dentist is the one who did my full mouth dental implants about a year after my lobectomy. I'm super glad I had that done when I did--implants often don't "take" when you're on chemo. By this time, though, my implants are well established. Still, I'm more susceptible to infection and now have the additional complication of getting zoledronic acid (Zometa) to strengthen my bones--which can have the side effect of causing jaw/dental problems. 

I was a little nervous because during the time my arm was in the sling, it was tough for me to do my usual job of brushing. I needn't have worried--they were all ready for me. One of the pros there removed my teeth to thoroughly clean them, while the hygienist I normally see very gently cleaned the implant posts and surrounding gum tissue. Apparently everything looked pretty good (in spite of my cleaning difficulties) and healthy.

Lemme tell ya--if you wanna really appreciate your teeth, just have someone take them out for 15-20 minutes or so. I was totally thrilled when they put them back in and screwed them down nice and tight. This is the first time they've been removed in two years. 

I absolutely love my dentist and his people who work for him. I've spent much of my life dreading the dentist, and it's great to have one, finally, that I like going to visit. I'm really relieved to be back on track with this--as much money as I paid for these teeth (think two brand-new mid-range cars, and almost none of the expense covered by insurance), I wanna make sure they last as long as I do!

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