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I am a 68 year old woman with Ms and melanoma.I started having back pain about two months ago..It goes into my back.My AFP was high so they did an MRI with dye, normal.I lost 5 more lbs.I have lost over 30 lbs 

Then I noticed in the morning when I brush my teeth,there is blood.So ct scan with dye.My primary ordered it.I am hoping for the best.I don't know if people with autoit disease can do all the therapies.Thank you so much !

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Hi, natte,

I'm pretty sure nobody here will know more about it than your doctors. We aren't professionals--we are just lung cancer patients/survivors/caregivers. I don't know how different the treatments for melanoma are--every cancer has its own treatments. And sorting out how immunotherapies might affect someone with MS is probably beyond the knowledge of everyone here. Even lung cancer patients respond differently to specific treatments/drugs depending on individual factors.

Asking your doctors is your best bet. And, of course, you can always seek out additional opinions if you think it would be helpful.

Sorry I can't be of more help--I hope you get some relief.


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