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How effective is a repeat CT guided biopsy?


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I had a CT guided biopsy on June 9th, and unfortunately due to location of the nodule, they were unable to get a tissue sample. I am now scheduled for a repeat biopsy on Aug 5th. I was curious as to whether a repeat biopsy is typically successful in retrieving the tissue sample the 2nd go around? And are there further complications with having the biopsies done fairly close together? 

I have had worsening shortness of breath and pain since my last biopsy, so am concerned that this time won't work either. Is there anything I can do to ensure a greater likelihood of it working this time? Any suggestions and thoughts are more than welcome! Thanks! 💗

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A guided needle biopsy always contains the possibility of a miss. There are so many variables in play that it is difficult to synthesize a discrete reason. Moreover, I'm not sure there is any relationship between 2nd biopsy success or failure and first. Guided needle biopsies, in my experience, are very minor surgical procedures so I don't think there are complications caused by having several performed in close proximity. 

I do hope your second is a success and provides you with a diagnosis.

Stay the course.


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