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Zometa question. How long are the side effects supposed to last? I received my first infusion on the 28th and that night I could feel the tightening of my chest, like I had worked out but it was deeper than my muscles. Then I felt like I had been run over by a Mac truck and a fever/ chills came. So I assumed that was the flu like symptoms, by Monday I felt mostly normal. Today the joint/bone pain seems to be stronger. I’m stiff and I feel like I have worked out for 2 hours with the heaviest weights ever, and I have done nothing of the sort, lol. I’m going to write in to the nurse bc I was under the impression after a few days the symptoms would subside but I’m wondering if the bone pain is part of the process.

For the folks that remember me, my 6 month scan showed a tiny spot on my spine and pelvis that wasn’t there before ( or didn’t seem to be)  but it looks to be calcified And scarred which leaves my dr to believe my target therapy attacked it but We need to be sure. Another scan in December and started Zometa as a proactive approach.  Sure hope it’s not progression. 

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I had joint pain--temporarily--after a couple of the first Zometa infusions I had. Ultimately the docs and I concluded the pain was from arthritis, not the Zometa. It did not appear to be directly connected to the infusions.

My next infusion is next week, but I didn't have any symptoms after the last one, three months ago.

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