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Manuka honey may prevent or reduce esophagitis-related pain caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


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Hello Fellow Travelers on the Cancer Train.

I was treated for stage 3 lung cancer 5 years ago and one of the targets was next to my esophagi's. The radiologist was sure I would get a sore throat, have trouble eating and swallowing. My naturopathic oncologist told me to eat a spoon full of Manuka honey on the way to radiation, a spoonful after treatment and one before bed. I had no sore throat, no trouble swallowing and no trouble eating (didn't loose an ounce). The radiologist was very surprised. This link is from a clinical trial from NIH.   https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01262560     The honey only comes from New Zeland and comes in different strengths but any honey will help. I hope this is some help to people on their journey.

Manuka honey may prevent or reduce esophagitis-related pain caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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enjoy the season,  Tomm



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Thanks Tomm, good to know. I have just finished 32 rounds of radiation to an area close to my easophagus. I have a slight lump in my throat and my doc gave me a numbing liquid, but it numbs my tongue so I prefer not to use it. Will try manuka if it gets worse.

Cheers, Rikke

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@Tomm The website you link to is a description of the study, not a report on the findings. FWIW, Science News reported on the findings here:


The summary of the report:

  • Manuka honey does not decrease pain of radiation-induced esophagitis for lung cancer patients
  • Date: September 15, 2014
  • Source: American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
  • Summary: Patient-reported data indicates that when Manuka honey is prescribed for esophagitis pain during radiation therapy (RT), it is not more effective than standard medical care, according to new research.
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I had pretty severe esophagitis from radiation and never considered Manuka honey. Methadone helped with my pain. My esophagitis took 5 months to resolve. Palliative care is the best course. 

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