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  1. Hi Michelle, hope you got good results from you MRI and CT yesterday, Please post the results as many are watching your progress and plans.The thing I use for stress is CBD oil in a tincture and it helps me to sleep . Today was my last day of chemo and radiation. I will wait about 6 weeks to get a CT and see if I'm back in remission. If in remission I'll start Durvalumab and take it every two weeks for a year. Didn't loose any weight, keep most of my hair so far except on my neck where I got radiation. No neuropathy , CBD oil stopped that. All my blood work is in the normal range and was told I can mingle in public... Fatigue light compared to 2 years ago when I got radiation to 4 tumors deep in my lungs and this time just one close to the my skin by my neck...ouch. .When this started I could see and feel the lump... now nothing to see or feel. good health to all...
  2. I have been in remission from stage 3 lung cancer for 2 years. Last week I found a swollen node just above my collar bone on the left side of my neck, no pain. I will get a CT on friday. I have full on scanxiety and want some feedback from anyone that had this. They mentioned immunotherapy if it's cancer, where can I get information about that? enjoy the season
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