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  1. Kelvin4426

    Leg pain?

    Hey guys so my mom been having leg pain for the last month went tonthe emergency 2ish weeks ago tested her blood said it was fine and that it was just arthritis. Fast-forward today she's still having worse pain on her whole leg and is now at the emergency again waiting for a doctor as we speak. Have you guys had this pain while having lung cancer?2
  2. Hey guys so my mom had her first ct scan since treatment and the tumor shrunk but was told she had blood clots near her ovaries but doctors said not to worry. My question is has anyone experienced blood clots in that area or just blood clots in general and how serious it can be
  3. They were all bcca everytime she has an appt with her 1st oncologist she would never be there and send another doctor the 3rd time that happened she asked to speak to her first one because there's been so many different opinions but we will see after her scan and hope for the best
  4. My mom asked 3 different doctors and they said the same thing except 1 saying she doesn't know y she's doing immuno the other 2 said the same thing they'll treat it woth target if it comes back which is weird to me but canada seems a little flawed due to free health care system
  5. Hey Tom Hey Tom yes my mom was egfr exon 19 deletion positive. From what I read immunotherepy doesn't do much for these kinds of patients my scratch in the head is why they don't put her on target right away rather than waiting to see if it comes back and we still don't know if it did go away from treatment
  6. Hey guys just wondering how many rounds of chemo did u guys do. My mom did 2 rounds and about 30days radiation but been seeing most people get more than 2. My mom is stage 3b. After her treatment they put her on immunotherepy but stopped as the symptoms were really bad and doctor says it's fine cause they treated the cancer with chemoradiation. She has a scan in Nov to see if the cancer is gone but I'm scared. They say if the cancer comes back (seems like they think it goes away from treatment) they will start her on targeted therepy
  7. I honestly still don't know all I know is that they do this immunotherpy for stage 3 regardless of mutation and if the cancer comes back they will do targeted therepy. Unfortunately my mom was supposed to start her 2nd round of immunotherepy today but found something in her blood my mom got the call yesterday but was asleep hoping it's nothing but I'm worried about today
  8. Hey guys so my mom was supposed to start to start her second round of immuno tmr but noticed something in her blood and asked if she found blood in her stool. It was a voice-mail as she missed it cause she was asleep so had to wait for tmr but said she might stop her treatment tmr. Is this a cause for concern I'm so worried
  9. Hey guys my mom has been having troubles with her appitite since treatment especially when she started immunotherepy last month. She feels like giving up treatment because of this so was wondering what you guys did to build up your appitite
  10. My mom has stage 3b and had a cough before diagnosis finished 2 rounds of chemo and 6weeks of radiation caught got better during this treatment but ince she finished started to cough a but more she finished 1 round of 12 immuno therepy imfimzi and starting her second tmr. Just wondering if it usually takes this long for a cough to go away
  11. Hey guys so my mom did her first immunotherpy Aug 2 and she told me her symptoms and feeling is worse than when she was on chemo have u guys experienced the same and did it get better?
  12. Hey guys was wondering was treatment bad evertime u went in or did they get better throughout each treatment. My mom has treatments once a month and was wondering If she would feel better after each treatment or will she be tired/symptomatic after each session
  13. Glad to see all you guys doing well after infimzi give me hope for my mom!
  14. Hey thanks for the reply how did u feel during immunotherepy my mom hasn't been feeling the best 1 week in had a fever yesterday and mostly no appitite was like this since chemo and radiation but she told me it's worse now
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