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I've been lurking on your board for a while!!!!


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I already posted on the NSCLC forum so I wanted to make a formal introduction. I began my acquantaince w/this dreadful disease in Sept. 03' when my dad was first diagnosed. I have never felt such an overwhelming sense of sickness of body and soul as I had on that day. It's almost to unbelievable to comprehend as I'm sure all of you can relate to. I am the youngest of his 7 children and we are as close as a family can get even to our extended relatives also....(We Italians like to travel in packs; safety in numbers I suppose!!!) :lol: We are all so worried for him because of what we have seen him go through already (hard times w/radiation) and what he may go through in the future as well.

This board has been a goldmine of information for me along the way. I've been the one out of all my sisters etc that has been the main "researcher" of this disease and the treatments he has received etc. and I've gotten more info from all of you than on most of the information sites!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences they are so helpful to the rest of us. I've tried not to let this nightmare completely overshadow the blessings that I have in my life ( a brand new baby girl 10 wks old and 2 hilariously funny boys 2 & 4 and a great husband). I'm grateful for all of it but still have such a heavy burden for my dad.

I know, however that all things work together for our good!!!! I pray the Lord will find favor on all of you since you are so kind and courageous enough to share yourselves and your stories for those of us out here who need it!!!!!

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Welcome Karen,

I am so sorry that you find cause to come to this site, but glad that you found us. I am glad we have been able to help you and offer you information so far, and I would find no greater joy than being able to say that I helped someone going through this, the worst nightmare I can imagine.

I saw in your post about testing that your father is being considered for surgery if his lymph nodes clear. I will be praying hard for that. Surgery provides the best survival rates, and really is a source of hope that this can be beat. I would also look into the GVAX trials for your father if this chemo hasn't shrunk his lymph nodes. From what I've read it is very promising and does show great moves in shrinkage. It is a possible additional option out there for you that can lead you towards that eventual surgery. I have faith that this can happen for your father.

Please keep with us, and let us know how he is doing, and how your are doing. This is a heavy burden to bear, when one we love is traveling this road. Do not feel like you have to hold it all in, and bear it alone. We are here for you.


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