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potential new treatment from 'down under'


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Hi folks

Just wanted to alert you to a new treatment that is being trialled in Australia. It has had some very promising results with mesothelioma, and I believe there is a phase I trial being carried out on NSCLC. The 'drug' is derived from the fruit of a naturally occurring toxic weed, called Devil's Apple.

I have included a couple of links for those who are interested in checking it out. I understand the company is hoping to commence trials in the US asap. Will try to find out some more about it, but in the meantime check out these sites:

www.innovation.wa.gov.au (type devil's apple in the search window)




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That really does sound promising. Especially the FAST TRACK and LACK of Side Effects. Wonder why we can't get the vaccine on a FAST TRACK here in USA??? I 'm new to this crazy world of Cancer. And so far, nothing seems to make sense. If there is medicine, let's do it, quickly, AND responsibly. Surely there is a way to do THAT.


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