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Radon - The silent killer is lurking in your home…

Radon - The silent killer

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Hello Everyone, 

November is Radon awareness month. Radon is in all our homes. It is a radioactive gas that seeps into your home, schools, daycares, and workplaces from the ground under your home.

Please invest in a radon detector (RadonEye - Radoncorp) and monitor your home. The RadonEye is a digital reader that will give you readings every 10 minutes. If you’re concerned about the cost of radon mitigation ($3-4,000) just open your windows to evacuate this highly carcinogenic radioactive gas. I have lung cancer and am a non-smoker. I tested my previous homes (built 1960-1992) and all had concerning radon levels. New construction, air tight homes have proven to raise radon to even higher levels.

Smoking plus living in a home with radon only compounds your lung vulnerability to cancer.  I bought 3 radon detectors for my home and placed them in my children’s bedrooms.  Eliminating radon will prevent further destruction of my lungs and not counteract my treatment. 

The medical community is not knowledgeable on radon.

***If you are going to check your home please let me know. It will give me great satisfaction if I can give longevity to you, your spouse, children, and pets.***

My mandate is to save lives. Spread the word. 



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While I agree about the dangers of Radon expressed in the aforementioned post, Radon is not in all our homes. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends all homes be tested for Radon, regardless of the identified risk. Here is a map of the US showing state and county Radon concentration zones. In areas with Zone 1 or Zone 2 concentrations mitigation should be performed. Another source of information for those in the US is the city or county civil engineer.  Folks outside the United States should check with their nation's environmental or construction authority.

Moreover, there are many inexpensive and effective Radon detectors available on the market. Here is an Amazon link showing inexpensive kits that one places in the basement or ground level home location for a period and mails to a test lab. RadonEye is a real-time indicator. It is effective, but testing for Radon ought to be a one-time-only procedure. Mitigation, performed when Radon is present, will completely eliminate the concentration and the need for real-time-detection in most locations.

I don't have any insight into the Radon expertise of the medical community. In the United States, detecting and mitigating Radon is a city, county, state and federal Civil Engineering responsibility. Each state has a construction standard that is adopted by ordinance in towns, cities and counties. This standard defines the Radon hazard and proscribes a building standard to eliminate the threat in building and structural design. While the EPA recommends all homes be tested for Radon, in the US, call your city or county engineer for Radon testing or mitigating information.

Spreading the word is important because Radon is indeed a silent killer.

Stay the course.


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