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Mom with Stage IV SCLC w/probable bone metastasis


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My mom was recently diagnosed with SCLC that has likely metastasized to bone. She is healthy otherwise and a never-smoker. Her treatment consists of chemo & radiation and a clinical trial. The clinical trial is for a drug called lurbinectedin (Zepzelca). Does anyone have any experience with this treatment or other clinical trials? Is there any recourse if she gets a placebo instead of the actual drug?

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Thanks for posting this question. Hoping someone has had some experience with this drug. My Mom was diagnosed with SCLC with mets to brain in April. Had 8-9 spots on brain. Has received 10 treatments of whole brain radiation and 6 chemo treatments with immunotherapy. Responded great. Just had follow-up today from most recent MRI....now has approximately 20 spots on brain. Hesitant to do more radiation and was trying to find any new meds, etc., and came across the Zepzelca research. Will be asking her oncologist about it tomorrow. 

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I hope your mom is doing well. My wife is on a clinical trial that involves Zepzelca after 4 cycles of carboplatin/etoposide/Tecentriq, but was recently randomized to the non-Zepzelca part of the maintenance phase. As a result, she will probably exit the trial, and after a consultation with a radiation oncologist, start radiation together with Tecentriq.

We would really like to hear about your decision and how it is working.

Best Wishes.


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