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Dumb Blonde Joke Just for David A.


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O.K. David A. You have been way to quiet. I think you are having Dave G. withdrawls. Every funny guy needs a straight guy, right. (Wait, that doesn't sound right- That sounds more like something from Queer Eye For the Straight Guy! HA! I love that show!) I think what I mean is....Every comedian needs a straight man. Anyway, this joke is dedicated to you.

There is this blonde chick who wanted to learn a new hobby this winter, so she goes to the book store an discovers ice fishing. She buys up everythig she can get her hands on to help make her a great ice fisherwoman.

She painstakenly plains her trip down to the finest of details. She arises early that next morning and packs her fishing gear, tools, baits, and a comfortable stool. She finds what she believes is the perfect spot, cuts a hole in the ice, and sets all her gear up. She procedes to fish, when all of the sudden she hears in a loud voice, "There are no fish under the ice here."

Startled, she moves further on down the ice till she finds another spot. She again sets everything up and pours herself a cup of coffee. She attempts to cut the ice and all of the sudden hears a thunderous voice say "There are no fish under the ice here." Th blonde finally responds by saying "Is that you Lord?" To which the echoing voice replies "No, it is the Ice Skating Rink Manager!"


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