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Pain during Imm


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I'm halfway through Immunotherapy and tolerating well, but have pain in my feet, hands and wrists. I saw my oncologist yesterday and he wants to pause treatment. He did bloodwork to check for Rheumatoid arthritis, which came back negative but ANA is positive. Did anyone else experience this? Any info is appreciated.

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Welcome here. I was diagnosed before immunotherapy so I don't have a basis for comment on joint/extremity pain as a treatment side effect. One of my conventional chemo drugs, Taxol, caused a number of painful neuropathic conditions: pain in my toes (burning) and numbness in my fingers. This was a well-known side effect and unfortunately, I'm still dealing with it 19 years after treatment.

I use prescribed lidocaine ointment for temporary relief of burning toes before bedtime. I also wear wool-lined soleless slippers to bed to keep the weight of the covers off my feet. 

Stay the course.



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Hi Jill,

Immunotherapy does throw up a bunch of weird side effects. For me, it has been a case of exacerbating all my old sports injuries. Arthritis type issues and joint inflammatory responses are quite common. I would recommend that you join a couple of immuno specific groups, as it is helpful to get feedback from others going through this wonderful but sometimes confusing and annoying treatment. I personally am in Keytruda and I and Immunotherapy Support Grouo on Facebook. They have been very helpful.

all the best, Rikke

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