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Immunotherapy port placement


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This may be an unusual problem. Or not a problem at all. I had double mastectomy’s many years ago. I just got a port put in for my immuno therapy treatments. When I consulted with the surgeon she showed me where she was going to put it right above where my bra is. However, now that it’s done, I see that it is right under my bra and prosthesis. This may be a great thing as it will never show, but I wonder if it will give me problems in the future . has anyone else ever had this issue? Thanks.

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Curious about this - Are you sure you will need a port? At least here in the UK is is very rare for immuno. Even people with difficult veins tend to get a picc lines, but most of us get a normal cannula. Apparantly immunotherapy because infusions are short, spaced over many weeks, and is much less toxic than e.g. chemo, the requirements for veins are much less. (I recently had a nurse who had not done immuno before make a mess because she didn’t realise she could just use the big but shallow veins on my wrists and hands). 

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I had a picc line during chemo because my veins are very hard to get.  I got the port based on the fact I will be on the immunotherapy for a year, too long for the picc line 


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