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Beckyg/plastic surgery/anethesia/HUH?


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Knew that would get your attention!

First of all - HELLO everybody! I haven't been on too much lately, but think of all of you every day and you're all included in my prayers.

I've only managed to catch up on about HALF the posts I've missed, but reading Beckyg's post made me stop to post this.

I have had some concerns about long term effects, such as things Beckyg is experiencing - although mine are not as severe as Becky's and my heart goes out to her with everything she is going thru. I too swear that there must be some damage to my heart from all the radiation, although an EKG says everything is fine. Of course, any and all of these concerns are offset by the fact that we're still alive, but it IS frustrating.

So what's this about plastic surgery? I was reading People magazine at lunch yesterday. They had an article about people who died during minor procedures for plastic surgery. One of the stories stated, "so and so went in for a chin lift and died from the anethesia. Her past medical history, she was a cancer survivor, may have had something to do with how her body broke down and utilized the anethesia." HUH?!?!

They mentioned "MYASTHENIA GRAVIS" - so I jotted it down and did a search when I got back to my desk, thinking "gee, if I'm supposed to be careful about being sedated now - I guess I should know! (NO I'm not considering any plastic surgery!)

My search took me to the Muscular Dystrophy site of all places, where I was slapped in the face with:

Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) is a rare autoimmune disease whose symptoms and origins are somewhat similar to those of MG (MYASTHENIA GRAVIS). While MG targets the ACh receptors on muscle cells, LEMS interferes with ACh release from nerve cells.

In about 60 percent of cases, LEMS is associated with small-cell lung cancer (and more rarely with other types of cancer), which might be diagnosed at the same time as LEMS or years later. There’s evidence that the cancerous cells inappropriately make VGCC, triggering the immune system to make anti-VGCC antibodies. The trigger for LEMS without cancer is unknown.


Mentions something about "as a result of an agressive assault on the immune system" - gee - you mean like chemotherapy!?!?!

Soooooooooo - what am I trying to say? I'm not sure. Maybe just that once our doctors save our lives (love 'em for that!) that maybe they should give us a detailed list of "possible" long term problems to watch out for and maybe AVOID. (My dentist wanted to put me under to do some gum surgery.....I've been refusing it for a year now......I guess I have to revert back to trusting your intuition!)

Sorry if that was a downer.........just a little bewildered.....

Love ya all,

Hugs and prayers,


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Dear Sandy,

Your post was very enlightening. I've never really thought about what the aftermath of chemo is on my body, aside from the fact that it caused menopause which would, in my case, was happening anyway. I haven't really looked it up, but i think chemo causes ALOT of trouble down the road which the doctors don't talk about at the time because they're too busy trying to save our lives. That is the price you pay for taking chemo. The other side of the story is chemo saved my life. Sooooo.

I hope you're feelin' good. Keep thinkin' on the upside. keep ridin' that beautiful machine!


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Heart damage is not only from radiation but sometimes from chemo also. When John started having problems with his heart I did some research and found out that it is not uncommon.

For some reason :roll: your posts makes me think of this day I was having lunch with a woman I work with. First, just let me say that I have a talent for being in public places when people need either the Heimleich manuver or CPR. Anyway, we're having lunch and a man at a table with some others starts having heart problems. I am watching to see if he gets to a point where he needs CPR, but he doesn't and an ambulance arrives. I joked with the owner that I thought I was going to have to do CPR for a minute. He looked at me perfectly serious and said, "You can't do CPR on him he's had heart surgery." I contained my laughter (rare for me) and said, "If he needed CPR, trust me he wouldn't care if I broke a stitch."

Good to see you Sandy even if you did trick me with the title. I thought you were going on Extreme Makeover or something.


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